Do you want some secret support?

IMG_0485 If you are a new or expectant mum, I’m guessing that whilst there is a part of you that feels things must just come naturally, there is another part of you that is not too sure about how it is all going to work.

Well I want to reassure you that no matter what happens, now that you have come across Miskin Maternity, you have an Ace in your back pocket and can call on us for as much or as little help as and when you need…and as we don’t advertise, we are the industry’s best kept secret.

Miskin Maternity helps mums like you find feeding and sleep solutions that work for you and your family so that you feel empowered and confident about what you are doing and more importantly WHY you are doing it.

Both myself and Lizzie are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience we can provide through our unique support system that extends to you, our clients, as well as our maternity nurse and night nanny team.

So get in touch for a quick chat or if you have any questions.

We look forward to taking you under our wings and showing you how to spread yours.

All our love,

Geraldine (Miskin) and Lizzie (Petersen)