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eBook Page WP 2When you get a Kiwi and a Saffa starting a business together, you get a great combination of down to earth, friendly, approachable, uncomplicated, ‘can do attitude’ business model and approach that is better than anything else on the market…Well that’s what our clients tell us anyway!

And to be fair they do have a point… Lizzie and I like to do things differently. We know how exciting and overwhelming becoming a parent can be, how desperately you want everything to fall into place as quickly as possible and that sometimes despite your best efforts, babies just don’t do WHAT THE BOOKS SAY THEY SHOULD DO and that this is very normal!

We know that all babies and parents are different and that what works for one family, won’t for another, not because one family is doing it right and the other wrong, but just because they are different. Similarly we know that even though your best friend raves about a particular girl, she may not be a good fit for you – nobody’s fault but not right for you nonetheless … So instead of getting defensive, avoiding you or your calls or just leaving you to sort things out on your own, we step in and help you to find solutions because we care about you and we care about our team. We are fair that way.

What’s important to us, is that you are able to reach your goals, feel confident and empowered caring for and handling your baby, that you are a happy mum and dad and that we are doing everything we can to support you at such a special time in your life. We do our very best for you, so that you can do your very best for baby, it’s just our way and something we are incredibly proud of!

If you would like to speak to us about booking a maternity nurse or night nanny, just get in touch and let’s chat to see how we can help you.

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