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20150314_151448_DSC_0626The Miskin Methodology training program

How do you know what breastfeeding should look like when all mums and babies are different? What do you look at or assess in order to find the right breastfeeding position, feeding pattern, length of feed or solution to common problems like sore nipples, mastitis, low milk supply, unsettled babies and so on?

The truth is that breastfeeding is different for all mums and babies because mums and babies are all different. We don’t all wear the same dress or shoe size, so why should we expect the same advice to work for all mums? We shouldn’t and it is very clear that it doesn’t.

Aim of the training program is to give an elite group of like-minded girls practical tools to effectively assess breastfeeds and support the individual needs of mums and babies who come through our doors.

Using the Miskin Method, support is tailored to each individual mum and baby dyad. This ensures that feeds are comfortable, productive and enjoyable and that milk supply is well established and sufficient to meet the baby’s growing needs.

By assessing mums according to the key criteria, all mums will receive the same advice, support and suggestions from any member of the specialist team, as you will use the same methodology. This approach provides consistent reinforcement, encouragement and advice, something currently lacking.

Our goal is to empower mums to feed and nurture their baby with confidence. We do not believe in shoe horning mums into a breastfeeding experience we deem ‘fit’, ‘suitable’ or ‘acceptable’.

How are we able to do this?

Geraldine Miskin is an internationally recognized breastfeeding specialist with 20 years experience of working with mums and babies. She is author of 6 electronic books and will publish the Miskin Method hard copy later this year. Geraldine is regularly featured and quoted in leading baby magazines, newspapers, websites and often invited onto BBC and Sky news.

Having worked with thousands of babies, she recognized how variations in 5 key areas greatly influenced the positive or negative outcome of breastfeeding. This includes mum’s unique anatomy, baby’s unique anatomy, baby’s age and size, mum’s medical history and the birth and labour both parties experienced. She refers to this as the ‘mum and baby combo’. This is the basis of the Miskin Methodology.

With this insight, Geraldine worked hard to learn how to assist mums and babies according to their unique ‘mum and baby combo’ to avoid and resolve common and unnecessary pitfalls such as mastitis, soreness, supply issues and weight gain challenges.

This is the first time she will share her knowledge and train a select few.

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