Bottle-feeding tips for heat wave

bottle-feeding babyIt’s not only breastfeeding bubs that are struggling with their feeds – today I have fielded several calls from mums at their wits end so here are some tips for all you lovely bottle-feeding mums too.

Don’t worry if your baby is not finishing the entire feed. Formula is heavy so in this heat, you can expect baby to have a little less at each feed. If you are in a tricky position where you need to get baby’s weight up, just offer smaller feeds more frequently.

Where possible, keep the milk relatively cool. You still need to make it up with a bit of boiling water but cool it right down.

**Quick tip – boil your kettle and pour 30ml of water into baby’s bottle. Add in the required scoops of formula and then add (previously boiled) cold water to help cool baby’s bottle down quicker.

If you think that your baby is thirsty – offer a bit of cooled boiled water in between feeds. One mum asked if she should just dilute the milk but it’s better to have formula made up as required and for baby to have less, than wonder whether the mix was to weak etc. Keep things simple or your brain will ache 🙂

You know that your baby is getting enough milk if there are lots of clear wet nappies. You may find that poos are missing in action whilst it is so hot as your baby absorbs as much as possible so movements can be slower and less frequent. The clear wet nappies tell you that baby is well hydrated.

Have a look at this blog post I wrote for breastfeeding mums about keeping baby cool enough to feed. There will be some super helpful tips there too.

The heat wave is nearly over so just hang in there and get in touch if you need some individual feeding tips.


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