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Miskin Maternity Logo RGBWe have been squirreling away in the background, working enthusiastically to get everything ready for our big launch and this is the first part of the puzzle that has really come together for us quite beautifully – our new logo!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Miskin Maternity was born through a real need many of my breastfeeding clients have.

Many of my clients book maternity nurses in the hope that they’d have the best possible chance of breastfeeding successfully.

Whilst the maternity nurses have general knowledge of breastfeeding basics, it naturally doesn’t come close to the level or depth of knowledge, success or exeperience I have helping mums breastfeed successfully. When this level of expertise is what you need, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your maternity nurse is, you’re not going to get what you need.

So, in a bid to offer the support and guidance parents are looking for whilst building up and teaching a small team of incredibly bright, passionate girls, Lizzie and I set up Miskin Maternity.

We are an agency with a difference. We believe in supporting, empowering and guiding both mums and maternity nurses for the best outcomes possible.

For our clients we ensure that you have direct contact with us whilst one of our girls are placed with you. A care plan suited to meet your needs is carefully drawn up and referred to throughout, so that all parties are aware of what is expected. If anything pops up, our girls contact us to ensure that you are given guidance inline with your unique mum and baby combination, so information is tailored to you at all times.

This means that we are very much involved and able to provide a high level of support.

For our girls we ensure that we are available to answer questions, provide training days and weekends which forms part of a really exciting career ladder. Our girls can climb all the way up to specialist level where they are able to join my practice and work alongside me. We want to support and inspire our girls to be the best that they can because we believe that they have that special quality.

So we opperate our business as a tight knit family. I write and deliver the courses, Lizzie takes care of all your calls, together we look after our team who in turn take looking after you and your baby, very seriously.

We love what we do and look forward to taking you under our wings too.

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