Our approach

Our approach is warm, supportive, encouraging and uplifting to mums and girls alike. We mentor, build and teach a team of incredible girls who love what they do, so that you benefit from our combined experience of 40 years in this industry.

Our service is second to none – just call us and you’ll see.

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Get in touch

You can get in touch by calling, email or sending us a direct message. If there is something we can help with, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. Speak soon.


What we offer

We have a team of lovely girls who work as Night nannies and Maternity nurses, who are flexible, easy going, capable and really passionate about doing their very best for you. They are dedicated to constantly learning and developing.

We provide an open stream of communication with our girls to ensure that although we aren’t there in person, you always have access to expert guidance through our girls.  We believe in supporting them so that they can beautifully support you.


How it all works

Getting started is really easy. Just tell us how much support you want or need, when you need it and give us some details so that we match you and your night nanny/maternity nurse properly. Click below to get started.

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Keep in touch

We know how busy your days are and when you just have a quick question, you need information quickly. Like our FaceBook page and tell us how things are going or ask a question.